lunes, septiembre 18, 2006

Yo Gang Line-Up

Más conceptos para mi proyecto personal, Yo Gang. Estos son personajes incidentales que aparecerían en una estación de policía. Creo que el homenaje es claro.

More concepts for my personal proyect, Yo Gang. These are incidental characters that would appear at a police station. I believe the homage is clear.
Posted by Cutu


Blogger Todd Oman said...

very cool image reminds me of the the movie the usual suspects. Thanks for the comments in my blog.

Blogger Cutu said...

Thanks for dropping by. And about the Usual suspects, well that's the homage I was talking about.

Blogger Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

gracias por pasar a ver mi blog....
me encanta "el mago enigma"!! tienes mucho talento!!!!

Blogger TanC said...

super awesome!
love that film ;)

ill ask you for a print later hehe


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