jueves, agosto 31, 2006


El cuarto y último en la serie Beatles. Después de mucho tiempo. Sin embargo, la sugerencia de que Jack Lemmon fuera el último sonaba bien. Espero subirlo pronto. Para los nuevos visitantes: No olviden ver a los otros miembros del cuarteto en esta página en los archivos pasados.

The fourth and last in the Beatles series. After a long while. Nevertheless, the idea of Jack Lemmon closing the series didn’t sound too bad. I hope to post him soon.
For those of you new visitors: Don’t forget to look at the other three member of the quartet posted on this blog by visiting the archives.
Posted by Cutu


Blogger Kevin Barber said...

Great interpretation of the legend. Great work on your site.

Blogger Cutu said...

Thanks, Kev. Even more so when I've seen your work too and I fancy it so much.

Blogger murrayb said...

great stuff! check this guy out , he's amazing at painted charicature:
Patrick mate

Blogger Cutu said...

Thanks, Mur. Indeed this guy is great,a nd the funny thing is that the last entry on his blog is a caricature of the whole band.

Blogger ken said...

fantastic :D

Blogger kend said...

this is wicked


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