lunes, abril 24, 2006


Este es uno de los conceptos para un proyecto personal que estoy desarrollando (no esperen oír de el en unos cinco años). Se llama “Yo-Gang” y pretende ser una película al estilo film-noir con tendencia expresionista. ¿¿¿??? (Yo tampoco lo tengo muy claro).

This is a concept for a personal project that I’m developing at present (do not expect to hear anything from it in some five years). It’s called “Yo-Gang” and it intends to be a movie in the film-noir style with an expressionism influence. ???? (I don’t have it too clear either).
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Blogger ken said...


Had a quick browse through your blog, really nice work! Love your characters, and those beatles caricatures are brilliant :D

will be back


Blogger FranciscoMarmata said...

Wow, very versatile! I only knew a part of your work, I like all of them, specially this idea. Congratulations! Ana Mar


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